Born in Moscow in 1979, Natasha is a Russian / Swiss / French photographer and artist currently based in Switzerland near Zurich.

After abandoning her career as a translator and interpreter, in 2015 she graduated from the London Middlesex University with BA in film making.

She is mainly focused on street photography and experiment. She walks around with a small Sony RX100 camera.

Her additional work can be found on Flickr, Instagram and Facebook. For her street photography is capturing fleeting moment, picked up from the everyday chaos by the inner eye.

Currently she is giving classes on street photography, and annually manages the Street Festival Photo Laundry in Zurich (

Photo Exhibitions and contests

2016    group, “Stillness”, at Photobastei, Zurich
2016    group, street photo contest and exhibition organised by OnSpot group, Buharest, Romania